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My top three most embarrassing moments as a competitive swimmer!

Rebecca Post Image Like a lot of my fellow swimmers, I tend to be very clumsy both on land, and even sometimes in the water. It’s for this reason that I have to decided to compile a list of my top three most awkward/embarrassing moments as a competitive swimmer.
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The ties that bind the Campbell sister act

Cate and Bronte Campbell

Cate and Bronte Campbell became the first Australian sisters to compete in the same swimming event at the Olympic Games when they both raced in the 50 metres freestyle in London in 2012.

In 2013 they celebrated together after making up half the 4×100 metres freestyle relay team that won silver at the World Championships in Barcelona.

Later this month they will arrive in Glasgow for their first Commonwealth Games as favourites to claim a haul of medals.

Here we look at the sisters’ journey that started in Malawi and continued in Australia, the highs and lows, the sibling rivalry and love and their inspirational mother. Continue reading

Design your own 200m crazy freestyle


This programme set up by Erwan Jacob, coach of Guingamp-natation swimming club, will help you to develop your cardio-vascular and respiratory endurance, resistance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination and precision whilst also working on your swimming technique. Swimmer Maelle Lecouey is following the programme. The swimming association holds muscular strengthening exercise sessions and can quickly set up efficient and different training programmes on the side of the pool. Continue reading

Powerskin The Story – Infographic

The year 2000 marked the start of full body competition swimsuits and the birth of the arena Powerskin Family. From the very first Powerskin, to today’s cutting edge Carbon Pro and Carbon Flex suits, we have developed and equipped the world with some of the greatest performance swimsuits ever seen. Can we take it to another level? We certainly look forward to trying!

This neat infographic takes you through our powerskin story, a story that you are all part of. Enjoy!

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  • The beautiful Ruta Meilutyte looks incredible in blue! Bonus points for the matching earrings!
  • The new
  • ....and the choice of Evgeny Korotyshkin!
  • Ranomi Kromowidjojo warmed up in the Pink Carioca Two-Piece!
  • well as sitting pretty in orange!
  • Caught in a sea of blue!
  • Cameron takes in some sun. Is that a Fluo Orange Fastpack we see?
  • Daniel Gyurta prepares for battle....
  • Katinka works the Carbon Flex!
  • Greg Paltrinieri
  • No explanation needed for Luca Dotto!
  • ...he nails it every time!
  • While we love Ranomi in her orange Carbon Pro, she totally rocks the blue Flex!
  • Sarah Sjostrom proves a hit in & out of the pool!
  • Sebastiaan Verschuren looks
  • A hint of green!
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Styling it out in Rome – Sette Colli 2014!

A few of our favourite fashion moments captured at Sette Colli, Rome!

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Health & Fitness Expert: arena Freestyle Breather could lead to a swimming revolution!

Freestyle breather

I have to confess that I was quite skeptical when Arena approached me to trial the ‘Freestyle Breather’. Don’t get me wrong – I love swimming as an exercise, and always try to swim at least once a week. I recommend swimming to all my clients as a great all over body exercise that doesn’t impact on the skeletal system. However, from being a small child learning to swim I’ve always hated getting water up my nose and in my eyes. Traditional nose clips always made me feel a bit claustrophobic, so it was with no small amount of trepidation that I donned the mask and slipped into the water! Continue reading

How to improve your backstroke kick technique


Having a strong and steady kick is essential to backstroke. Out of all of the strokes, backstroke requires the most vigorous and continuous of kicks.

A few important aspects to work on:

A constant leg motion is required. This doesn’t mean you have to hammer with the legs, but rather keep a gentle steady motion. If the kick stops, the whole lower half of the body sinks, so a steady kick is vital to keeping a long buoyant position on your back. Continue reading

Cross Training – Only for the Brave!


Coaches are often confronted with the problem of finding time in a swimmer’s busy schedule to arrange extra physical preparation sessions, which are useful for developing the athlete’s all-round attributes. Always open to new ideas and research, Erwan Jacob, coach of Mathilde Jouanjan at Guingamp-natation swimming club, decided to include a mix of Crossfit and muscular strengthening in his training regime. Continue reading

You wouldn’t understand unless you’re a swimmer – Behind-the-block behavior!

Behind the block behaviour

Over my years as a competitive swimmer, I have come to notice that people react to the stress of competitions in very distinctive ways. A swimmer’s pre-race preparation says a lot about them as an athlete. In my opinion, behind-the-block behaviour can be broken down into four general categories:

The first is “The Chatterbox”. We all know the type- the person who will dive into long conversations with you right before your race. They are relentless, and use chit-chat to take their mind off of their upcoming swim. Avoid falling victim to the “Chatterbox”, because once they start talking it’s hard to make them stop. Continue reading

Delving into the world of Aquafitness


Aquagym is undoubtedly the forerunner of all aquafitness courses, the first and still most practiced around the world. This said, since the 1990’s, the list has grown extensively,  now including activities such as:

Aqua Building, Aqua Circuit, Aqua Dance,  Aqua Gym, Aqua Pilates, Aqua Spinning, Aqua Stretching, Aqua Tonic, Aqua Training, Aqua Zumba, Aquabike, Aquaboxe, Aqua-Chi, AquaDecathlon, AquaDeep, Aquadinamic, Aquaerobic, Aquafitness, Aquaflap, Aquajocks, Aquasenior, Aquasoma, Aquastep, Aquatic Kickboxing, Aquatic Samba, Aquatic soccer, AquaticGym, Aquatic Therapy, GymDiving, Gymswim, GymTantra, Hydroaerobic, Hydro-Step, Latino Water Dance, LatinoSplash, Scubagym, Water Combat, Water Dance, Waterpower, Waterwalking, Watsu, Woga, etc. and this just to mention a few! Continue reading